Analytics For Your Calendar

You start your day, 7 meetings and 12 phone calls later it’s dark outside. And you’re left wondering where the day went.

You can’t make more time – but you can make sure you spend your time on things that are valuable to you. Setup only takes two minutes.

Cally - Calendar Analytics

Track Your Priorities

Define your goals and priorities then quickly tag your events to see how you use your time in the dashboard. Do you spend most of your time on your current top three priorities? Managing your time is just as important as maintaining a budget or tracking your expenses. Cally makes auditing your calendar a breeze.

Have you done a calendar audit lately?

Most often, we are not as aligned as well as we think. […] Identify your top five priorities for the calendar year and look at any given month to see how your time mapped to those priorities.Anthony K. Tjan, Harvard Business Review

Automatic Insight

Cally performs detailed analysis of all events and meetings in your calendar – and how these meetings contribute to your current goals. How much time did you spend with your key accounts last month? How much time is scheduled for next quarter? Simply connect your calendar once. Cally takes care of the rest.

For $29 a month, Cally makes sure you spend your time on things that are valuable to you.

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